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Angel Falls or Salto Angel is the world’s highest waterfall, with a height of 979 m (3,212 ft.) and a plunge of 807 m (2,648 ft.). The waterfall drops over the vertical walls of the Auyantepui Table Mountain in the Canaima National Park, Venezuela.

Angel Falls
Angel Falls | Photo by: ENT108

It was named Angel Falls after Jimmy Angel, an American bush pilot who was the first to fly over the falls in a plane in 1933.

Because of its impressive height, before getting near the ground much of the water is carried away as a fine spray by the wind.

Angel Falls
Angel Falls | Photo by: Tomaszp – Wikimedia Commons

One can see the Angel Falls by helicopter or plane, but the best way to admire its majesty is through a complicated affair. The falls are located in an isolated jungle, and a flight is required to reach the Canaima camp, the starting point for river trips on wooden “curiaras” to the base of the falls. But once you’re there, everything will have been worth.

Angel Falls
Aerial view of Angel Falls

Canoe trips generally take place from June to December, when the rivers are deep enough. During the dry season, December to March, there is less water seen than in the other months, yet its grandiosity continues the same.

Angel Falls or Salto Angel
Angel Falls or Salto Angel


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Angel Falls Map and Location

Angel Falls – Canaima National Park, Venezuela

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